Making Moves: Career Opportunities In Barbering

The Barber School graduates are able to assume roles at the entry level in the profession with a greater potential for future advancement either by further education or practical experience. Careers in barbering include Master Barber, Barber Technician, Barber Instructor or Barber Instructor Assistant.

The outlook for job opportunities for barbers and other barber industry careers are great in Tennessee, throughout the tri-state area and the country. As a licensed barber you can even start your own barber shop. Stay in touch with The Barber School to learn about employment opportunities.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic, the median average for barbers is $11.45 an hour. Many barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists work part time. However, some self-employed workers have long hours. Work schedules often include evenings and weekends―the times when beauty salons and barbershops are busiest. Those who are self-employed usually determine their own schedules.

Contact The Barber School today to learn how you can prepare for a career in barbering:


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